Ethan Nicolle

If you haven’t heard of Ethan Nicolle, what are you even doing with your life? Ethan started drawing at a young age. He is a storytelling master who entered the comic book scene with Chumble Spuzz. Then Ethan and his brother Malachi took the comic book world by storm when they released Axe Cop. After that stunning social commentary, Ethan took on yet another important topic with his book Bears Want to Kill You. He also famously aided in giving the Veggietales characters eyebrows while writing on Veggietales in the House for Netflix. Ethan eventually took his skills to the Babylon Bee where he pitched jokes like they were circus tents and photoshopped like a pro. Now he writes for the children’s shows at the Daily Wire when he’s not telling you people what’s what.

Adam Yenser

Adam Yenser is a comedy genius who has spent years honing his craft. He has a passion for making people laugh that is almost as strong as his passion for telling you what you should think. He has written for some talk shows like The Ellen Degeneres Show and made appearances on Conan and Gutfeld. He also worked at the Babylon Bee for a time, writing and acting in hilarious sketches. Adam outgrew all those small time gigs and now focuses his time on stand up, The Cancelled News, and obviously The Talk Down. It doesn’t take a genius to see that laughing at Adam’s jokes is the only logical response to his faithful and humorous news sharing.