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Babylon Has-Beens | Episode 7

For the week of 6-12-2024 ALL STORY LINKS BELOW

It’s the seventh but even more special episode of former Babylon Bee podcasters Adam Yenser and Ethan Nicolle. We’ve got Talk Down syndrome!

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Story 1: Canadian Cancer Society Apologizes for Saying “Cervix” Instead of “Front Hole”


Story 2:Grizzly bear attack leaves 22 sheep dead


Story 3: Christian mother, children ordered by court to convert to Islam


Story 4 Japan Launches Dating App to Boost Birth Rate – Newsweek


Story 5 Coldplay Says They’ve Beaten Their Own Target For Cutting Carbon Emmissions at Their Live Show


Story 6 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Champ Joey Chestnut Banned From This Year’s Competition For Partnership with Vegan Hot Dog Brand

Mini Segment: The 20th anniversary of KILLDOZER

Watch TREAD: the true story of Killdozer now on YouTube:

MAIN SEGMENT: To Bee or not to Bee

A discussion on how we started at the Babylon Bee and why we’re not there anymore, and why we started this show.

MOVIE REVIEW: Jesus, a Deaf Missions Film

00:00:00 Introduction
00:06:12 Front Hole
00:09:29 Bears kill 22 sheep
00:12:04 Forced to convert to Isalm
00:15:10 Japanese dating app
00:20:06 Coldplay
00:22:57 Hotdog Eating Champ Disbarred
00:25:56 mid-show promo
00:28:31 KILLDOZER
00:39:58 The Babylon Bee
01:09:48 President Garfield
01:11:55 Deaf Jesus Movie
01:13:26 Outro

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Ethan’s trap boy Story
Adam’s Mount Baldy Story
Bonus News:
Mom gives birth in a restaurant and names her baby after the seafood spot