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Biden the Irreplaceable | Episode 10

For the week of 7-3-2024 ALL STORY LINKS BELOW

It’s this special tenth episode of former Babylon Bee podcasters Adam Yenser and Ethan Nicolle. We’ve got Talk Down syndrome!

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Bizarre New Travel Trend Called “Rawdogging” Sweeps TikTok

Manure truck crash covers Connecticut homes, yards in liquid feces

Every Year, This Finnish City Blasts Classical Music to Keep Youths Away

New Jersey man flies to Florida to attack another player over an online gaming dispute, deputies say

Japanese Researchers Cover Robot In “Living Skin” That Allows It To Smile

Vanity Fair Claims Photo Shows Presidential Candidate RFK Jr. Eating A Barbecued Dog

The New Norm Show


00:00 Introduction
07:37 Raw Doggin’
11:59 Exploding Poo truck
15:26 Finnish Youngster Repellent
20:03 Psycho Gamer
25:18 Creepy Robot Face
27:58 RFK Jr Eating a Dog
31:02 Mid-Show Promo
33:58 Biden Replacement
42:35 The New Norm Show
52:55 Twisters Review
57:37 Outro

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Adam and Ethan tell their ninja turtles stories.


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