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Project 2025: Forget Biden This Is Crazy! | Episode 11

For the week of 7-3-2024 ALL STORY LINKS BELOW

It’s this special eleventh episode of former Babylon Bee podcasters Adam Yenser and Ethan Nicolle. We’ve got Talk Down syndrome!

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Story 1 Kevin Bacon Dons Elaborate Disguise To Experience Life As Non-Famous Person, Concludes “This Sucks”

Story 2 McDonald’s rebrands Happy Meal as just ‘The Meal’ for Mental Health Awareness Week

Story 3 Scientists Recreate Voice Of 3,000-Year-Old Egyptian Mummy Using A 3D Printer

Story 4 A Wells Fargo analyst ordered the same Chipotle burrito bowl 75 times and found the portion problem is real

Story 5 Elton John Allegedly Peed In A Bottle While Shopping for Shoes In France

Story 6 Kangaroo Captured After Half A Year On The Loose In Germany,bring%20him%20home%2C%20police%20said


Project 2025
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The Story of The Lamp
Original Reddit link:

MOVIE REVIEW: Venom The Last Dance

00:00 Introduction
08:11 Kevin Bacon
15:00 The Meal
18:23 Mummy Voice
21:41 Chipotle Portions
25:01 Elton John Pee Pee
28:08 German Kangaroo
33:36 Project 2025
43:56 The Lamp
49:55 Venom The Last Dance
52:00 Outro

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BONUS NEWS STORY: Did Whoopi Goldberg Admit To Pooping Her Pants?