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The Hacky Episode | Episode 8

For the Week of 6-19-2024 ALL STORY LINKS BELOW

It’s this special eighth episode of former Babylon Bee podcasters Adam Yenser and Ethan Nicolle. We’ve got Talk Down syndrome!
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Ethan and his kids’ Bruster Channel:

Story 1: LA City Council Removes U-Turn Signs In Gay Neighborhood Because They Are “Homophobic”

Story 2: Man’s drug charges dropped – it was baking powder, not cocaine | London Free Press

Story 3: In-flight drama: Where Americans sit on airline etiquette | YouGov

Story 4: Minister Claims The Garden of Eden Was In a Park In Northern Florida

Story 5: Monolith Pops Up in Nevada Desert

Story 6: Dem Lawmaker Frantically Asked Around For Photo Evidence That He Has Jewish Friends

Cerveza Cristal Star Wars Ads

00:00:00 Introduction
00:10:29 Homophobic Road Signs
00:17:48 Cocaine Baking Powder
00:21:26 Planes
00:31:31 Garden of Eden, Florida
00:36:25 Monolith in Nevada
00:38:38 Proof of Jewish Friends
00:41:25 You Tube Comments/Reviews
00:45:31 Cerveza Cristal Star Wars Ads
00:49:20 HACKINESS
00:56:04 Dumb Piercings
01:05:39 Agent Recon
01:07:50 Outro


Ethan Story of Sucking a ballpoint pen dry
Adam Bowling Alley Story
Bonus News:
‘Fast and strong’ piglet leads California police on a foot chase
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