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Trad Wives Make Everything Dumber ft. KIRA DAVIS | Episode 9

For the week of 6-26-2024 ALL STORY LINKS BELOW

It’s this special ninth episode of former Babylon Bee podcasters Adam Yenser and Ethan Nicolle with special guest Kira Davis. We’ve got Talk Down syndrome!

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Trump Suggests UFC Start A Migrant Fight League:

Senior VP admits Disney execs don’t want to hire “white males,” says one person was passed over for not being black ENOUGH | Not the Bee:

Man’s Genitals Removed, Sex-Change Surgery Done While He Was Sleeping:

Ohio attorney suspended over pooping in a Pringles can has license reinstated:

Woman sparks debate after revealing she charges other parents to have playdates with her children:

Actor Armie Hammer ‘grateful’ for cannibalism scandal:

‘Wild Thang’ lives up to his name, wins World’s Ugliest Dog contest | AP News?:

00:00:00 Introduction
00:11:01 Trump’s Migrant Fight Club
00:15:56 Racist Disney
00:25:10 Sex Change Prank
00:30:23 Pringle Pooper
00:36:49 Play Date Bill
00:45:16 Armie Cannibal
00:55:04 Wild Thang
01:02:56 Main Topic: Trad Wives
01:22:51 Deadpool VS Wolverine

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Ethan story: James Bond Jr Create a Villain Contest
Adam’s story: Starting a Fraternity
Kira’s story: Getting stoned with 80’s pop star Tiffany